Why is Dr Ashley Bloomfield confused over UK delta variant deaths?

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By Charles Coles: On 30 June 2021 Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the New Zealand government’s director-general of health, went on national television and told viewers that in England “virtually all the people being taken to hospital, or dying of covid-19 (delta variant), were unvaccinated”.

Anyone sitting on the fence about getting a vaccination would surely be champing at the bit to get the jab ASAP based on Dr Bloomfield’s statement.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, mistaken about covid-related deaths in England
Dr Ashley Bloomfield, mistaken about delta variant deaths in England.

However, the official statistics from Public Health England (PHE) prove Dr Bloomfield to be mistaken when it comes to unvaccinated people making up “virtually all” the deaths. The figure is less than half.

In fact, figures from PHE covering the period 1 February to 14 June (inclusive) 2021 show there were 73 delta variant deaths in England. Of these, 34 people were not vaccinated, and 37 people were vaccinated. See the bottom row of page 12 of this PHE PDF.

A later PHE document (see page 14) covering the period 1 February to 21 June 2021 shows that of the 114 people who died ‘with’ the delta variant, 70 had been vaccinated against covid, and 34 had not been vaccinated. (I assume ‘unlinked’ in the tables refer to people whose vaccination status is unknown).

At face value, it seems that vaccinated people fare slightly worse than unvaccinated people when it comes to surviving a covid-19 infection (a virus with an overall fatality rate somewhere between 1% and 2%).

But how could Dr Bloomfield make such a monumental error in delivering such important facts to millions of New Zealanders on national television? Shouldn’t he have mused aloud how strange it is that vaccinated people are dying with a covid infection?

If you find anyone spreading inaccurate information then please report them to the government’s misinformation centre here.

Just as a side bar… Note in the table below the Total 60,624 delta variant ‘cases’ against total deaths of 73. That’s a fatality rate of 0.12% (zero point one two percent). In addition, it seems that if a person dies within 28 days of a positive covid test, the authorities are certain they died of covid. If they die within 28 days of being vaccinated, well, the cause of death is not so clear-cut according to the officials.

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Note the bottom row (table above) and the columns showing 37 vaccinated (1 + 10 + 26) against 34 unvaccinated.
This table (above) covers the period 1 February to 21 June 2021 and shows 70 (1+19+50) vaccinated against 44 unvaccinated.
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