Doubles and triples all-round at Pfizer – cheers!

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According to a report published by the Financial Times (FT) the new price of a Pfizer shot is €19.50 (NZ$32.77) against €15.50 (NZ$26.05) previously, according to portions of a sales contract seen by the FT.

The FT report also note the price of a Moderna jab is currently US$25.50 (NZ$36.21), up from the previous price of US$22.60 (NZ$32.09).

Based on the lower figure, 10 million doses of Pfizer, to double-jab all New Zealanders, would cost a little over $260 million. But for some reason government is spending $964.3 million on vaccines.

All up, New Zealand government says it is spending $1.4 billion of taxpayer’s (your) money as a result of covid-19 in the 2021 and 2022 years.

Pfizer is set to generate sales of its covid jab of around US$33 billion in 2021.

Read Medsafe’s Pfizer jab adverse reaction sheet and guidance (PDF) here.

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