Djokovic case – ‘pure covid theatre’

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By Dan Wootton, The Daily Mail, UK

The shameful and scandalous Novak Djokovic court case was, like so many other pandemic-era made-for-media events, pure Covid theatre.

While the Serb has now become an international symbol for fighting against coronavirus tyranny, the unsavoury saga shows just how far usually freedom-loving Australia has fallen down the rabbit hole of virus-inspired authoritarianism over the past two years.

The vicious attitude from local politicians and most Aussies shows the real dangers of a Zero Covid policy.

As I’ve been warning since 2020, it makes society nasty and inward looking – millions of paranoid residents now suspiciously regard international arrivals, even those with Australian passports – even sometimes their own relatives – as plague rats, determined to spread ‘deadly’ Covid Down Under.

Vaccination mandates have been accepted by most of the Australian media and politicians as an unquestionable necessity, with those who choose to remain unjabbed worthy of being alienated from society and individually shamed.

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As a dual citizen of Britain and New Zealand, I have been effectively banned from returning to the country of my birth to visit my mum, dad and sister for the past two years.

Meanwhile, the internationally successful Kiwi popstar Lorde, who is rumoured to perform at the upcoming wedding of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, just so happens to win the lottery system that allows a few hundred passport holders to return to the country each month, conveniently in time for the nuptials…

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