Digital passports will lead to slavery – Dr Vernon Coleman

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By Dr Vernon Coleman

The toxic experimental mRNA jabs aren’t just killing people. They are now leading us directly into vaccine passports which will take us into digital passports. With digital passports will come universal slavery.

If we are going to win this war then our sole aim has to be to spread the truth about the route along which the conspirators are planning to take us.

I’ve been warning for some time that the bad things that are happening were planned in the 1960s. Consider, for example, what Dr Richard Day, a professor of paediatrics, had to say at a conference in 1969.

He warned that in the future the elderly would be eliminated. He warned that social chaos would be promoted, that travel would be restricted, that private medicine would be eliminated, that the incidence of heart attacks would be deliberately increased, that the world population would be reduced, that information would be controlled, that fake science would be used to promote the myth of global warming, that there would be cameras everywhere, that sport would become unisex, that ID cards would be implanted, that food supplies would be controlled, that hospitals would become jails, that the weather would be controlled. And that people would be controlled.

He also warned that books would be banned and removed from libraries if they were considered dangerous. (So far I’ve had four of my books banned though they’re all now free on my websites). My websites are suppressed and regularly hacked and I’ve been banned from every social media outlet I know of.

Professor Day warned that television sets would be able to watch the people who were watching them, that cancer cures would be suppressed and that new diseases would be deliberately introduced

Today, those who aren’t jabbed are already being denied medical care. Social credit schemes are being introduced everywhere – with the vax passports as the key.

Climate change fraud

But it’s what comes next that is worrying me. And their plans are now all quite clear.

The climate change hoax that was planned back in the 1960s is the really big threat we are facing.

Covid-19 was the warm up act for the big one – the global warming fraud. That was always going to be the excuse for tough new legislation, economic destruction, more genocide, the end of medical care and the introduction of the digital passports. Now, it’s all coming very, very fast. And the predictable clamp downs are coming quickly too. The economy is going to be further destroyed. And truth-tellers are going to be further suppressed by the conspirators.

Those of us daring to tell the truth about the jabs are now being targeted by counter terrorism officers on the grounds that we are undermining national health security. I first warned about the side effects associated with the mRNA jabs in a video in December 2020 when I warned that the jabs would cause deaths and illnesses including myocarditis and strokes. The warning was largely ignored and I was even further suppressed.

(Exactly the same thing happened with anti-vivisection campaigns over 30 years ago. My phones were tapped and I couldn’t go out of doors without being followed by a bloke from special branch with a video camera. People scoff and no one believes it until it happens to them.)

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is introducing more wicked net zero legislation that will impoverish us all [in the UK]. That’s going to happen this year.

The average family [in the UK] will be at least 25% poorer by the end of the year. Energy prices are going to soar.

There have been four major oil spills and tankers catching fire already this year. Oil exploration has slowed, of course, because of the insane global warming cultists.


The World Health Organisation is planning global laws to manage problems in the future. They’ll be joining up with Schwab and the World Economic Forum. All these people are unelected. But think about it:

  • you can’t have global laws without a global government
  • It’s no coincidence that every leader in the world is now hated
  • They want us to hate our national governments so they can set the world up for a global government run by climate change cultists

The mainstream media particularly the BBC and The Guardian, both of which have financial links to Bill Gates – who is regarded by the WHO as a member state – will doubtless approve the idea.

I am not exaggerating when I warn you that we are heading rapidly towards global slavery.

Remember that the United Nations member states agreed in 2019 – on April 1st no less – to implement their plans on population and development.

The plans included massive controls on population growth.

Hundreds of millions will die in Asia and Africa. The elderly and the sick will be killed. The conspirators (for that is what they are) want total control over people and events. This is democide.

Watch: Don’t let then kill the kids

It is now becoming clear how covid – the rebranded flu – is being used to promote vax passports, taking us into digital passports which will be linked to your NHS number. There’s a ton of new legislation being pushed through to build a communist state on the back of a disease which I’ve proved has killed fewer people than the flu would have done in an average year.

The UK `Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ will end our right to protest peacefully and lead us further into a police state.

The Human Rights Act Reform Bill, is officially called a Modern Bill of Rights. They’re pushing it as a bill for freedom but that’s like claiming the BBC provides balanced, fair-minded news programmes. The UK Government says that freedom of expression cannot be an absolute right when balanced against the need to protect national security. That’s their excuse for lying, for demonising the truth tellers and for suppressing facts and truths.

And don’t forget the Emergency Bill, introduced in March 2020, immediately after the UK Government was officially told that covid-19 was no more deadly than the flu. It still stands in the background and gives the Government extraordinary powers. It enables them to do pretty much whatever they like. Parliament keeps voting it through.

And then there is NHSX – a special little organisation which is linking the NHS and NHS Digital. The plan is to introduce technical architecture (as they call it) to link the whole of the NHS – across health and caring. There will be apps taking the vax passports directly into digital passports.

And there is the digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) that will be introduced on 6th April 2022 to `help’ employers and landlords check up on us all. Big Brother is already here but will be even bigger from April onwards.

When warned about the coming lack of privacy, millions glibly say `I’ve got nothing to hide’. But I wonder if they’ll still say that when their neighbours can peep at the pictures they sent to their doctor. How thrilled will they be that their neighbours can see exactly how much they’ve got in the bank? Digital passports and wearable monitors will track your weight if you’ve been ordered to lose weight.

All these things are happening all around the world. They are pushing through legislation on the back of the rebranded flu; legislation designed to remove cash, introduce digital passports and take total control of every aspect of our lives.

The key to stopping all this is simple.

Don’t use a smart phone. Get a cheap calls-only phone. Don’t ever download one of their apps onto any phone or computer. Without apps they can’t control us.

Make sure you don’t join the digitalised zombies. And make sure your family, friends and neighbours stay firm.

We can win this.

And we have to or we’re heading directly into slavery – by the end of the year.

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