Declaration of protection for protesters at Parliament

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Official Statement From the Wakaminenga Maori Government Aotearoa Nu Tireni New Zealand

Hohou-hia te rongo, horahia te kura, tihei mauriora, tihei mauri mate e nga reo, e nga mana e nga rangatira, tena koutou katoa. This is a declaration of protection, peace and an end to strife.

We are not debating our right and authority to do this but exercising it.

The situation in Wellington has made it necessary to demonstrate leadership and bring matters to a peaceful settlement.

As the lawful government of Aotearoa Nu Tireni, recognised under international law since 28 October 1835 and operating under He Wakaputanga, we instruct the forces engaged in the unlawful assault upon the lives, persons, property and freedom of all people, Maori and non-Maori to cease and desist with immediate effect their illegitimate actions.

To all agents, actors and members of the corporate entity operating under the name NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT, and the CROWN CORPORATION, we instruct you to stop the intentional harm of all people and to meet with them to hear their requests.

All mandates pertaining to the Covid-19 Response Act 2021 and the Covid 19 Order 2022 and any other associated orders including MIQ, the vaccine pass are all in breach of He Wakaputanga and Tiriti O Waitangi as they have been implemented without the consent of the Hereditary chiefs, United tribes and Wakaminenga Maori Government of Nu Tireni.

Having the rights of English subjects, We command you to annul, abrogate, and cancel all present and Covid-19 statutes, restrictions, and orders. This shall also serve as a pre-emptive notice that we reject all attempts of the corporation known as HER MAJESTY QUEEN IN RIGHT of NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT AND CROWN CORPORATION, or any other entity or corporation to usurp control of our whenua rangatira any present or future treaties with the World Health Organization, United Nations or any other foreign entities or otherwise.

To those who have sworn oaths to serve and protect New Zealand and the people here, consider your duty, stop doing what is wrong and do what is right. You are going to be held to account, justice will be served and lawful order restored. Do no more harm.

To the people demonstrating for all our rights and freedoms. We honour your determination, commitment, and efforts to date. You are right to practise these peaceably. Do not validate the illegitimate. Do not consent and do not contract. We offer you the opportunity to come under our protection and that of the rangatira and ariki of the confederation of the united tribes.

Continue peaceably about your business and as a sign that you come under our protection fly or otherwise display the recognised United Tribes of Nu Tireni New Zealand flag.

To the forces of the illegitimate New Zealand Government the people joining with the Wakaminenga Maori Government are under our immediate protection, do them no harm.

We are in session and will shortly be calling for all lawful people, those living here and those coming to trade to come together to build the future of our nation in cooperation, love, and peace.

God defend New Zealand, God defend our free land Nu Tireni, New Zealand. For enquiries contact admin AT

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