Deaths of UK children rise 52% since they got the covid jab

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Published by The Exposé

New data published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics reveals that the number of children who have died since they were offered the Covid-19 vaccine is 52% higher than the five-year-average.

On September 13 2021, the four Chief Medical Officer’s of the United Kingdom wrote to the Government advising it to offer all healthy children over the age of 12 a single dose of the experimental Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection.

The most important public health benefit the CMO’s assessed was the risk-benefit ratio in favour of school. 

However, the Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission of the Covid-19 virus, as is evident from the fact that – excluding people under the age of 18 – the vast majority of cases between September 13 and October 14 2021 were among the fully vaccinated population.

It also can’t be argued that children should have the experimental Covid-19 vaccine because it will reduce their chances of being hospitalised or dying, because the risk of them being hospitalised or dying due to Covid-19 is already negligible. 

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