Deaths follow covid vaccination in New Zealand

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From the New Zealand Herald…Health officials are investigating the deaths of two New Zealanders in their 80s who have died since having the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 jab under “an abundance of caution”.

The Ministry of Health says it has been made aware of the deaths and “through an abundance of caution” will  investigate fully. Medical staff believed the deaths were not related to being vaccinated.

The Buzz says: medical staff can believe what they like, but an autopsy would help pinpoint the cause of death and we would welcome this “abundance of caution” in relation to a number of sudden and unexpected deaths in New Zealand in recent weeks, including that of Pauline Hanna, where first reports of her “unexplained” death by the NZ Herald said it followed a covid vaccination, but the online version was altered to remove this reference. This apparent casual re-writing of history should not be accepted without challenge.

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