Danes given $2,250 each to spend – tax dodging firms in Denmark get nothing

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In a bid to boost to the economy every citizen in Denmark is being given about US$1,570 (NZ$2,250) to spend into the country’s economy.

Danish Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen announced the relief package for the country’s ailing economy saying citizens will receive cash payments, costing a total of US$9 billion for a population of just under six million people.

“The aid payment should stimulate consumption and create new jobs as the economy is suffering from the Corona lockdown,” said Wammen.

“The Danes can be confident that the money is coming. It is too early to say how many jobs it will provide, but it is an important contribution to getting [the economy] started in Denmark again.”

In addition to this payment, the government announced support for large companies totalling US$1.5 billion.

Denmark had previously set up aid for companies hurt by the pandemic which caused some excitement when the social democratic government announced that companies which are registered in tax havens would not receive aid.

Through these measures, Denmark wants to exclude tax evaders from receiving support from taxpayer’s cash.

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