Covid vaccine tricks your immune system – but not always in a good way

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By Neville Hodgkinson

I’VE tried to step back from reporting on Covid, but just can’t. It is becoming too obvious that our leaders are in denial about the ineffectiveness of the experimental vaccine they are pushing, the harm it is causing and the potential for harm that lies ahead.

This isn’t a time for statistical games. This is a matter of life and death.

The madness keeps getting worse. The [UK] Government is putting children’s lives and health at unnecessary risk by driving them into being vaccinated, even though they have high levels of natural immunity to the virus.

This is despite a growing body of evidence that the vaccine impedes the development of natural immunity, and may make those who receive it more vulnerable to virus variants than the unvaccinated.

Could this be why several countries, including the UK, are experiencing higher rates of infection in vaccinated people than in the unvaccinated?

When the newly formed UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) – perhaps not yet fully integrated into the official propaganda machine – published data to this effect (now removed!) it found itself lambasted in the press, which has for the most part blindly supported the vaccine drive from the start.

Cambridge statistician David Spiegelhalter was reported as complaining that the data was ‘simply an artefact’ due to inappropriate population estimates, but was ‘material for conspiracy theorists around the world’.

The agency itself warned that the figures could easily be misinterpreted, because of differences between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. But as the indefatigable analyst Dr Will Jones pointed out, if there are biases that need adjusting, we should do that rather than smear those who raise the questions.

The mechanism through which the jab itself may be contributing to higher SARS-CoV-2 infections has to do with a phenomenon spelled out in this post by ‘Eugyppius’, an expert commentator based in Germany, as well as in this TrialSiteNews article published last week.

It is known as ‘Original Antigenic Sin’, or OAS. It means in a nutshell that the first time we are exposed to a disease agent, such as a virus, the response of the body’s immune system shapes how we deal with modified forms of the same pathogen – such as virus variants – when we meet them later.  

With Covid, the vaccines we have seen so far target a single part of the virus, the famous spike protein. That is in sharp contrast to what happens when we meet the virus naturally.

In the latter case, the infection provokes production of antibodies against a range of virus proteins, including the spike but also one called the nucleocapsid or N-protein. This plays a key role in the virus’s life cycle. So, people who mount a successful immune response to the infection subsequently enjoy much better protection than the merely vaccinated.

The problem goes still deeper…

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