Covid is the gift that keeps on giving – Merry Christmas!

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Pictured above Chris ‘the Grinch’ Hipkins.

By Michael Coles

Within minutes of MP Chris Hipkins’ 2pm announcement (21 Dec) threatening that restrictions on travel could be re-imposed due to the Omicron covid variant – and news that booster shots will be brought forward for those who have already had shots one and two – National MP Simon O’Connor wrote on Facebook that there will always be a new variant.

MP Simon O'Connor
MP Simon O’Connor

“Delta was the game changer, and of course Omicron now is,” he writes. “Wait for Pi or Rho, the same will be true.

“Government, media, and their experts will always talk it up and yet fail to reflect on their previous promises, statements, and decisions.

“Take vaccinations for example. We have over 90% now, and yet what difference has it really made to life? Little to nothing, other than you now have to show a pass to access a haircut (ie. made life more difficult).

“There are many affected by today’s decisions – and I particularly think of those looking forward to reuniting with loved ones overseas.

“Remember ‘flattening the curve’? Or getting vaccinated would lead to freedom? What about ‘two shots’ which is now at least three?The government’s announcement today, with continued controls and rules, is a slap in the face of kiwis both here and overseas.”

Still, it seems – listening to talkback callers – that plenty of people are ready to roll up their sleeves once again in the expectation of regaining the freedoms they gave up almost two years ago in February 2020.

Now the NZ Herald will need to add a new bar to its covid chart – first jab, second jab, booster. And in 4 months’ time, a fourth bar for the second booster, ad infinitum.

And those who decline the kind offer of a free ($130) taxpayer-funded booster shot can expect their much-valued covid passport to expire. I can almost hear Jacinda Ardern laughing all the way to the Parliamentary Christmas party.

However, at least one Facebook poster to Simon’s comments says of the government’s announcement: “Lies, lies, lies and more lies. And people are so ridiculously blind they just lap that crap up. Treat their fellow man like dirt while they spout their pathetic virtue signalling in their faces. Govt propaganda has a lot to answer for.”

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