Counterspin Media launch nationwide tour

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Hosts of the Counterspin Media show Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer are to tour the country, hosting a total of 26 events across the north and south islands, with numerous stops planned along the way for local ‘meet and greet’ opportunities.

Kelvyn and Hannah also want to document stories of adverse effects to the “jab” along with any impacts government lockdowns and covid measures may have had on your family, home, business, and relationships.

They also want to know your vision for New Zealand going forward, discuss local solutions for local problems, and reconnect people to see a return of that community spirit that once thrived in our country.

They say geopolitical and globalist agendas are having a direct impact on New Zealand and none of it benefits you, the people.

“Turn off the fake news media, gather in your local communities and reclaim our nation is by uniting and supporting each other,” they say.

If you wish to support and provide entertainment, be a speaker, coordinate the events, aid with technical assistance or any other way, please get in touch with Kelvyn and Hannah.

Donations can be made to Counterspin Media hare:

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