Children to wear yellow stickers when exempt from wearing face masks

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A UK boarding school has been slammed for implementing a rule where children who are exempt from wearing masks must wear a yellow badge.

Farringtons School is Chislehurst has been accused of ignoring “historic connotations” over “deeply inappropriate” yellow badges for which Jewish people were forced to display in Nazi-occupied Europe.

The £34,050-a-year private school headmaster David Jackson sent a letter to parents and guardians to explain his badge decision saying “exempt students should wear a yellow badge” and other students should wear a mask “until further notice”.

The school has since been widely criticised, but the Telegraph reported that co-founder of parent campaign group UsForThem Molly Kingsley said that this is not an “isolated case”.

Ms Kingsley told the Telegraph: “Asking children to wear some form of exemption marker has been quite common in schools and unbelievably this specific example of asking them to wear a yellow badge is not in isolation.”

She said the historic connotations of yellow badges “should not need explaining” and said it was “deeply inappropriate” to ask face-mask-exempt children to wear them.

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