Catastrophic catalogue of vaccine reactions

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By Sally Beck, Conservative Woman in the UK: The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK government body which approved the experimental covid vaccines for emergency use, is receiving unprecedented numbers of Yellow Card adverse reaction reports about the vaccines.

The self-reporting system, which receives approximately 10% of adverse events, monitors the vaccine damage numbers reported by the public and health professionals. It is intended to be an early warning system which flags up problems that might not have come to light in clinical trials so that authorities can act.

The figures to August 4 2021 included 1,559 deaths, which should provoke outrage in the government and a press conference to explain, but instead we’ve had an uncomfortable silence. No one in power wants to talk about the vaccine damage elephant in the room.

We know a ‘rare’ event is attributed to AstraZeneca’s ‘clotshot’, the jab which has the nasty and sometimes fatal side effect of vaccine-induced thrombosis (VITT), but the 73 deaths accepted as VITT deaths by the MHRA so far, are in the minority of the serious reactions that have been reported.

The other serious issue which is developing with Pfizer and Moderna, but is almost double if you receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, is heart problems.

There are 13,838 reports of acute cardiac problems and 712 reports of heart attacks and heart failure, with 9,440 acute cardiac events attributed to AZ; 4,644 to Pfizer; Moderna, the new kid on the block, have clocked up 38 while 1,715 are unknown…

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