Campaign against vaccine passports launched in the UK

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A website – Against Vaccine Passports (AVP) – has been launched in the UK to push against the introduction of ‘vaccine passports’, a system that would allow people to prove they have had a vaccination against covid-19.

“We believe covid passports are divisive and discriminatory,” says a statement on the website. “We understand that businesses want to reopen as soon as possible, but fairness, rights and equality must come before profit.

“Everyone should have the freedom to make their own health decisions with sovereignty over their own body, this being a principle that must never be compromised.”

There’s speculation in some quarters that while the UK government might not introduce covid passports, private corporations – such as airlines – might. Already there is plenty of talk of ‘no jab, no job’ and a vaccine passport would support that agenda.

“This is a single issue website, with a very clear message and campaign – vaccine passports are wrong,” say the site’s owners.

“We have already been overwhelmed with businesses registering from all around the UK, and when they join, the public can now easily find them. Important connections are being made every day.

“We have seen the attacks on the Great Barrington Declaration website.

“As soon as a business registers on AVP, customers in the local area will be able to see where they are and more importantly read their public statement. This will help to build community connections for those who have a similar view.”

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