‘Some people will…die…after vaccination’

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By Charles Coles: Medsafe appears to be changing its tune when it comes to the ‘safe and effective’ Pfizer vaccine.

Published way down the page in last week’s adverse reaction report is the following statement that is nothing if not enlightnening.

It says: “By chance, some people will experience new illnesses or die from a pre-existing condition shortly after vaccination, especially if they are elderly.

“Therefore, part of our review process includes comparing natural death rates to observed death rates following vaccination, to determine if there are any specific trends or patterns that might indicate a vaccine safety concern.”

Oh, so Medsafe has caught on that perhaps, just perhaps, the Pfizer vaccine might be killing some people. We’ll know for sure in a year or two when the ‘experts’ have done their sums.

Meanwhile, the campaign to vaccinate the elderly – and everyone else – and the kids, under 12s is possibly on the horizon, continues unabated.

If you have lost an elderly parent within 28 days of them being vaccinated perhaps it’s time to start asking questions.

Mortalities (within 7 days of vaccination) by age group up to and including 4 September 2021

10 – 29 years0
30 – 59 years8
60 – 79 years23
80+ years23
Source: Medsafe
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