Boris Johnson to withdraw draconian covid rules – scraps covid passports

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From The Daily Mail: Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, is set to appease angry Tories this week by scrapping plans for compulsory Covid passports in England. 

The PM is expected to abandon the controversial idea for nightclubs and major events when he unveils the government’s ‘winter plan’ on Tuesday (14 September).

The proposals had come under intense fire from Conservative MPs as ‘unsupportable, coercive and discriminatory’ last week.

He will also scrap some of the swinging powers the government took to manage the response to the disease, and all-but rule out further lockdowns to control an anticipated surge over the coming months – after scientists said vaccinations can be an effective first line of defence. 

Johnson hopes to avoid locking down the entire country and will repeal some of the Government’s powers to shut down sections of the economy in England under the Coronavirus Act.

The powers expected to be repealed include those allowing the closing down of the economy, the imposing of restrictions on events, the power to temporarily close or restrict access to schools, and powers to detain infectious people.

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