Rejoin society – be jabbed, be happy!

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By Charles Coles: It’s the year 2023 and the Labour government, assisted by a compliant media, has pushed the people much farther than they imagined they’d get away with.

But warn down by the constant fear mongering across all mainstream and most independent media channels, the people are shaking in their boots. Punch-drunk and frazzled, most are unable to think straight.

The majority of the population are now double-vaxxed, and routinely turn up for their six-monthly booster shots – just in case. Next year a weekly pill for all citizens will replace the booster shots.

“Oh what it is to be free,” they say, just loud enough for a nearby unvaxxed person to hear.

With their vaccine passports they’re allowed to do all the normal things they could do before covid-19 and the four variants of concern hit our shores.

Looking across a busy street, the unvaxxed are easy to spot.

Women have hair untouched by a hairdresser. Not having a vaccine passport they can’t get their hair cut, dyed and styled like they used to. It would be illegal for the hairdresser to allow them into their salon, a $40,000 instant fine awaits any business owner who breaks this rule.

The unvaxxed – about 28% of the population – are now known to have poorer health than vaccinated people. A survey carried out by a university in the South Island has identified a trend – unvaxxed people can’t afford to visit the doctor because without a vaccine they can’t get a well-paying job, and even if they could, they are not allowed into any medical facility.

The government says unvaxxed people could transmit covid to someone at the clinic (just like someone with the Flu could).

Thankfully, some doctors are volunteering their time at weekends, working out of tents in car parks – freed up by the number of closed businesses – to treat those who are now outside the official system.

These doctors do their best to organise scans, x-rays, and blood tests. Although no one is speaking about how this is done, it’s thought there are ‘friendlies’ on the inside of both State and Private medical facilities.

The government is well aware these doctors are breaking the law, but turn a blind eye. If you don’t have a vaccine passport you can’t vote, so the Minister for Wellbeing ignores it – for the main part.

Now and again, when political pressure builds, a raid is carried out on these temporary treatment facilities, and then it all dies down again. Turning on the sick and afflicted is a bad look, even for a Labour government.

Unfortunately, the New Zealand Association of Medical Professionals is starting to de-list doctors it finds helping people on the underground network. And that means doctors rarely use their real name when treating people.

Last week wasn’t the first time a veterinary treated a sick person, boy the TV news made a meal of that one. The vet is in hiding now, his practice shut down due to the bad publicity.

Another way an unvaxxed person is spotted is that they are often thinner than vaxxed people who can go to all the shops, bars, and restaurants.

Today, as you know, unvaxxed people have limited choices when it comes to the shops they can enter. Apart from not being able to buy clothes, most food retailers are off limits.

Many people are growing their own food best they can, even though this has also been outlawed – but again, the government turns a blind eye. More unvaxxed people are vegetarians, due in part to the cost of meat today – all but State-paid farmers have been driven off the land as part of the government’s carbon neutral plan and compulsory tree planting.

Helping the unvaxxed obtain food are friends and family who go shopping for them, helping where they can. There’s no law against this, but the majority of vaccinated people tut-tut at those known to help others.

On the bright side, the unvaxxed are developing an alternative economy, sharing and swapping food with each other on the quiet.

Finally, the gangs – who for a short while started to challenge the government – have been paid off. It started in 2021 with a $2.75 million gift, but has been overtaken with larger amounts recently.

The Ministry of Unlawful Enterprises has brought most of them under its wing. Funding various business start-up schemes to keep them sweet.

Still, the message is clear to all those refuseniks who have shunned the covid vaccine – get jabbed, get a job and rejoin society.

“Be Jabbed, Be Happy” is the latest slogan.

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