Battle to save Marsden Point refinery continues

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Campaigners battling to stop the oil refinery at Marsden Point from being shut down hope to prevent further damage being done to the plant.

“The issue is quite clear,” say campaigners in a press release. “The sabotage of our only oil refining asset is because of greed.

Channel Infrastructure has perpetuated a message that former operators do not agree with, ‘that it is too late to reverse the dismantling of the refinery’.

“This lines up with information coming out of the refinery. Currently, our state-of-the-art catalyst is being pulled out for a routine regeneration process that costs around $30 million. After this, they intend to sell this asset.

“It has been reported that this asset along with the CCR (continuous catalytic reformer) will be sold to China for around $200 million. This means we will be selling our refining capabilities to China. That way, we can send our crude away only to be sold back to us at a higher price!”

Campaigner say it is an act of “economic subversion”.

“We’re moving away from making things, to being dependent on countries that make things,” they claim.

“As the old saying goes ‘if we don’t make things, we can’t have things because of the exponential rise in inflation’.

“The Dig in at Marsden has dealt with many challenges since we started our habitation on the 10 April. We have overcome all of them, our organisation is evolving towards a level of positivity that will overcome the naysayers and those trapped in a state of inaction.

“We know that if we want to stop the clever theft of infrastructure we paid for, then we’re going to have to do more ‘do-ey than hui’.”

Marsden Point campaigners say they are battling to secure the refinery for all of us, defining the term regenerative, and developing self-sustainability.

“If you want to learn the truth of our kaupapa come on up to the Dig in at Marsden. We can offer you a place to stay or visit, with basic needs covered by our collective effort in supporting each other to formulate a constructive environment.

“This naturally provides a platform for sharing knowledge, culture, and the truth that we are all having to learn, face and integrate.”

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