Battle to beat the covid coup

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By Vernon Coleman in the UK

Everything that has happened in the last year or so was planned. Nothing related to covid-19 has happened by accident.

Conspirators have been planning this coup for decades. Every detail has been worked out and their plans reach far into the future.

It isn’t difficult to prove that covid-19, the lockdowns, the face masks and the social distancing are all part of a conspiracy designed to create fear and compliance. As I predicted on March 18th 2020, the plan was always to move onto mandatory vaccinations. The exaggerated threat of an annual flu was chosen as a weapon to push us towards a programme described as Agenda 21 – also known as the Great Reset or the `new normal’.

The threat was created as an excuse for the `vaccine’ – rather than the other way round. The infamous virus being used as an excuse for permanent changes, started life as an ordinary winter flu.

They’ve been trying to introduce the Great Reset for many years, and they were getting impatient. Gates, Schwab, Blair, Prince Charles, etc. are getting old – they want action now.

The AIDS scare was probably the first time an infection was used in an attempt to frighten us into obedience. That failed when it became clear that the forecasts made for it had been wildly exaggerated. (They claimed that every family in Britain would be `touched by AIDS by the year 2000’.)

There were a number of recent attempts with over-promoted infections. Neil Ferguson’s fingerprints were over most of the recent attempts to scare us into compliance. His track record is so appalling that if Ferguson were a race course tout, you’d steer well clear.

Today’s fear is being created as justification for a constant stream of oppressive new legislation. They’re banning protests, introducing mandatory vaccinations and planning health passports. They’re even making football illegal because it doesn’t fit with the absurd Agenda 21 re-wilding plan.

On March 19th 2020, the public health bodies in the UK, and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the new coronavirus should no longer be classified as a `high consequence infectious disease’. The coronavirus was downgraded to flu level. (There’s a link to the relevant page of the UK Government website on www.

I published details of the downgrade on my website the day it appeared and assumed, innocently, that the mainstream media would carry the story, that everyone would breathe a sigh of relief and get on with their lives.

But, the mainstream media suppressed the news.

And hours later, the UK Government ignored its own advisors and introduced lockdowns and the most oppressive Bill in British Parliamentary history – a 358-page long Emergency Bill which gave the Government and the police unprecedented powers, and which turned Britain into a police state. Public meetings were banned and new powers were taken to restrict the `use and disclosure of information’. Those working for the NHS were prevented from speaking about the lies and deceit.

Overnight, Britain became a police state. Freedom, democracy and free speech became history. Those who dared to speak out were demonised and libelled.

The same bizarre things happened all across the world. Billions were put under house arrest. Economies were wrecked (to ruin small businesses and enrich billionaires). Schools were closed. Many hospital departments were shut leaving hospital staff so underworked that they started dressing up and doing silly dances to entertain the cancer patients being denied treatment. The official figures showed that hospitals had rarely been quieter. In care homes thousands were murdered as the elderly were denied medical care. The Government told us to protect our grannies while doing everything it could to kill them off.

Classic brainwashing techniques were introduced to create terror and compliance. The Government hired military psychologists to keep citizens frightened and a propaganda unit of the British Army (the 77th Brigade) was used against those British citizens who defied the coup and chose to share the truth.

It was clear that the lockdowns and closure of hospital departments would kill far more people than covid-19. Doctors could see this but most obeyed the Government’s instructions and, to their shame, remained silent.

These deaths were used, as planned, to create the myth that covid-19 was a deadly plague. Governments across the world decided that anyone who died within a month or two of coughing, or testing positive for a coronavirus, must have died of covid-19. Thousands of patients dying of cancer, heart disease and other disorders were deliberately labelled as covid-19 deaths. The ordinary flu disappeared. No one in

the media took much notice of the fact that governmental advisors had close links to vaccine manufacturers and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which had big investments in vaccine manufacture. Around the world politicians handed out billions of dollars’ worth of contracts for masks, rubber gloves and testing kits to their chums. Corruption went unnoticed.

When even all these extra deaths weren’t enough to keep people terrified, governments introduced a faulty testing programme designed to create more false positives than real positives. Special testing stations were set up and young schoolchildren (more likely to die from a lightning strike than covid-19) were forced to wear masks and have regular tests. The masks were designed to control people, not viruses. The tests were manipulated to enhance the fear.

It is normal to measure the incidence of disease by using annual figures. With flu the figures are totted up in six monthly clumps. But with covid-19 the alleged deaths were added up on a rolling, never-ending basis to try to make the total look terrifying. No one mentioned that the flu can affect a billion people a year, and kill 650,000 in a six month flu season. And all the while they promised us freedom when the experimental ‘vaccines’ came.

It was a lie.

The ‘vaccines’ don’t stop anyone catching covid-19. And they don’t stop anyone passing it on. If the ‘vaccines’ do anything they simply reduce the significance of the symptoms associated with covid-19. But since most people who get covid-19 don’t have any symptoms that’s hardly much of an incentive to take an experimental injection.

So, the politicians and the journalists and the doctors lied and said that the `vaccines’ would prevent the infection. And they lied and said there weren’t any side effects.

Government agencies all over the world reported that thousands of those who’d been vaccinated had fallen ill or died. But politicians and doctors dismissed the figures (you can find up-to-date figures on my website) and said that if anyone dropped dead five minutes after an injection then it was merely a coincidence.

I suspect the experimental `vaccines’ will, in the end, kill more people than covid-19. (They’ve had to change the dictionary definition of `vaccine’ to accommodate these experimental products which have about as much in common with traditional `vaccines’ as Boris Johnson has with the word `statesman’.)

Die within 28 days of having a cough, or a false positive test, and you died of covid-19. Die within 28 minutes of having a covid-19 injection and it was a coincidence. We are living in a world ruled by liars. It’s only just begun, of course.

The `vaccines’ were promised as a panacea. But they aren’t and they won’t be. They weren’t designed to get rid of covid-19. They were designed to control people and, I believe, to kill. Next autumn and next winter the `vaccines’ will kill thousands. And those deaths will be blamed on covid-19 variants and on the newly designated ‘long covid’. (The flu, too, can produce long-term problems in some patients but it was never dignified as ‘long flu’.)

It will all be our fault, of course. In the same way that ‘global warming’ is `our’ fault – for which we must be punished.

The rising number of deaths will be blamed on those who refused the ‘vaccine’ and on those who told the truth and campaigned against the coup.

There will be ever more oppressive legislation. New laws are coming every day. Elections will be postponed permanently. Regular vaccinations will be mandatory for those in certain occupations or for those wanting to enter public buildings or supermarkets. Travel, even within the UK, will be constrained. Cash will be banned.

We will all be controlled by constant assessments of our behaviour, through the intrusive programme of social credit scoring advocated by Agenda 21 enthusiasts. If you want to know what life will be like, take a look at China or North Korea or think back to the USSR or East Germany – and imagine things to be far worse.

They have everything planned and time is running out. We have to move quickly if we’re going to stop this: Don’t comply with pointless or dangerous rules and regulations. Question everything. The Government website states that if ‘putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress’ then you are exempt from wearing one.

Use cash whenever you can. If your cash is refused then take your business elsewhere. A cashless society will lead to enslavement. If you do visit online newspapers share the facts about covid. Direct readers to websites and videos where they’ll find the truth.

Share the link (on my websites) which shows that covid-19 was downgraded to flu level in March 2020. Governments have known for over a year that covid-19 is no worse than the flu.

Don’t allow anyone to bully you into having the covid-19 vaccine. There is an updated list of vaccine deaths and side effects on my website. Anyone who says there are no risks is lying.

Read the books on my website. Distrust the Government. Avoid mass media. Fight the lies. And remember: you are not alone. More and more people are waking up.

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