Australia’s people call on global community for help

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By Michael Kelly

An international day of action is being planned by Reignite Democracy Australia to bring worldwide attention to the draconian rule of the country’s political leaders under the guise of a response to covid-19.

Founder of the freedom movement Monica Smit says her organisation has been defending basic freedoms for all Australians over the last year since non-democratic restrictions have been “brutally imposed on the country”.

Many of her organisation’s complaints are mirrored in New Zealand, and it appears we are about six months behind our friends across the Ditch when it comes to the brutal crackdown on freedom.

In a press statement, Smit says: “Australians are facing unprecedented Government actions that have robbed us of our fundamental rights and freedoms – all enforced with extreme aggression by the police force.

“Many Australians no longer feel safe in our once-democratic country. We have tried every peaceful and diplomatic means available to have our voices heard. However, we have been ignored.”

Australian citizens have held regular protests asking for human rights and the Rule of Law to be restored.

“These democratic demonstrations have been met with unparalleled Police suppression,” says Smit. “Members of the public are being pepper sprayed and many were recently fired upon with rubber bullets by the very people Australians pay, and trust to protect them.

“The police are supposed to be part of the Public Service. Instead, they have been turned into an instrument of public oppression, even descending into jailing people for their political views.”

Smit lists some of the rights that have been stolen or attacked in Australia:

  • The right to have a political party
  • The right to peacefully protest
  • The right to work without being subject to coercion
  • The right to operate a business
  • The right to make personal medical choices
  • The right to medical privacy
  • The right for all persons, irrespective of their health or vaccination status, to be considered equal
  • The right to freely express political dissent
  • The right to assemble
  • The right to socialise

“To the everyday Australian, it seems like the Police are being used by the Government to enforce unjust laws and tyranny upon the country,” says Smit.

“Due to the state-of-emergency declarations being in place, Police have less means available to oppose the orders given to them by the Government. Basically, it looks and feels like we’re living in a police state.

“In Victoria, protests have become battlefields. The Victorian Police no longer work to protect the people, they work to enforce the ever-changing directives handed down from the government.

“Businesses have shut down, people are being forced to take a vaccine without informed consent, children have missed months of schooling…The country is in distress, and we need your help.”

As in New Zealand, so it is in Australia, with Smit saying truth is being aggressively hidden.

“Local journalists in the mainstream media have betrayed their traditions,” says Smit. “They no longer stay neutral and fairly report on the different sides. Instead, they have joined the authorities, hurling insults at anyone who does not obediently comply with government edicts. Or they scrupulously ignore, or misreport, what is happening with the protests across the community.

“Whatever tyranny and oppression you see in Australia is destined for your country if we aren’t able to stop it. It seems evident Australia is ‘ground zero’.”

The organisation has set down 12 noon on 4 December 2021 for a global day of protest – an SOS from Australia.

“We call upon politicians, international leaders and all concerned citizens to respond to our SOS,” says Smit. “We ask that on December 4th 2021 at 12pm midday you go to the Australian Embassy or Consulate in support of Australia.”

Smit suggests supporters hold signs and placards showing phrases such as:

  • No more lockdowns
  • No mandatory vaccinations or medical procedures

She’s also asking heads of state for reasonable options for international travel If the above requests are not honoured. Such as:

  • Expediting the safe return of citizens from Australia
  • Make a public statement that it no longer considers it safe for their citizens to remain in Australia
  • Extending an offer of asylum to a certain number of Australians who do not feel safe to remain in their home country.

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