Australia, the world’s worst at coping with Covid

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By James Allan, The Australian

ALL the Covid hysteria around most of the democratic world, and especially in Britain, New York State, Canada and here in Australia, is driven by two main things. 

The first problem is that many people haven’t got a clue about what the relative risks are. Ask them what they think their chances of dying would be should they catch Covid and most get this massively wrong – a good few get the odds wrong by two orders of magnitude (answering 30 per cent when at most it’s about 0.3 per cent). And we’re talking about one’s chances of dying before being vaccinated. 

Government propaganda – there is no other way to describe it than fear porn propaganda – has tried to scare people senseless and hence to distort their relative risk assessments. 

That has been a clear and unmistakable goal, including being a core aim of all the daily press conferences with the breathless recitation of cases (cases, I say!) by third-rate politicians without an ounce of concern for freedom-related issues and by over-promoted public health types. 

And for once, government seems to have got something right because its Covid scaremongering has been very successful. At any rate, that ignorance of the actual dangers of Covid is problem number one…

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