Are you a covid vax whistleblower?

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Are you aware of any information the proves the government or Medsafe was wrong to rollout any of the covid vaccines being used in New Zealand?

Did you know New Zealand has a whistleblower law that gives you protection for reporting an organisation that you are associated with and that knowingly caused harm to others?

Perhaps you have seen a report on adverse reactions that is being hidden from the public. Maybe you have seen reports from a vaccine manufacturer that you think the people should see. It’s time for someone, perhaps you, to take a deep breath and – rather than resign and walk away – report it.

The New Zealand ombudsman can provide assistance if you want to report serious wrongdoing at work and be protected.

Serious wrongdoing includes:

  • Unlawful, corrupt or irregular use of public money or resources
  • Conduct that poses a serious risk to public health, safety, the environment or the maintenance of the law
  • Any criminal offence
  • Gross negligence or mismanagement by public officials

The ombudsman recommends you should start by following your organisation’s internal procedure for dealing with serious wrongdoing. All public sector organisations must have these procedures.

You can go directly to the head of your organisation if:

  • Your organisation doesn’t have these internal procedures, or
  • You reasonably believe the person you are supposed to give this information to is involved in the serious wrongdoing, or is associated with someone who is

However, you can make a protected disclosure to an appropriate authority without needing to follow this process if you reasonably believe:

  • The head of the organisation is involved
  • There are urgent or exceptional circumstances, or
  • You followed your organisation’s internal procedures, but there’s been no action or recommended action within 20 working days.

Under the Protected Disclosures Act you can report serious wrongdoing in both public and private sector workplaces.

The Ombudsman can provide information or guidance. Your enquiries will be treated in confidence.

Call 0800 802 602 and ask to speak to someone about a protected disclosure. The team will take your contact details and ask a specialist person to talk to you.

Visit The Ombudsman’s website for full details.

The Buzz is run by dedicated journalists, and you can post documents to us: PO Box 300505, Albany, Auckland, 0752.

If you can’t sleep at night then this is your chance to put it right. The next step is covid vaccine passports – we can stop this.

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