Are we in the eye of the storm?

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By Tim Lynch, Our Planet

Just over two and a half years ago I was on the Aegean Sea in Greece and found myself getting on a boat on the island of Samos (where Pythagoras was born). It was only when we set sail that I was told we would be calling into the Island of Patmos and also the Island of Kos.

This instantly got my attention, because that is where John wrote The Book of Revalation. This is where the vision he was given was that far into the future, if anyone, man, woman, rich or poor wanted to buy, trade, sell or do business – they would be required to have a number on their arm or on their forehead.

By the time I arrived some hours later – I was focused and somewhat excited. Little did I know that build back better would be integrated into our vernacular by what is termed a Global Coup d’état.

That with the coming of the vaccine passport, the use of phone contact tracing, and the planned integration of all bank accounts into a one-world banking system that is now being fully advanced has come as a shock.

This is the lull before the storm. This is what has been planned all along – and John saw this in his vision and did his best to decode it in The Book of Revelation.

The fact that thousands of people in Sweden are chipped and derive extra benefits as a result, ‘gifts’ and super discounts by being their global guinea pigs – tells us of what’s to come. All of this being fully integrated into Elon Musk’s Neural / Star Link and 50,000-plus satellites in geostationary orbit around our planet.

Yet, I would not be telling you this story if for some unknown reason I was synchronistically guided to experience this part of my journey to Greece. But, this is not the first time this has happened.

I can share of what happened both in America and in Russia and my meeting Jack Matlock the US ambassador to the Soviet Union in Moscow, not once but twice within seven days – and talking about a nuclear free world in 1986.

Right up to this very moment Jack Matlock still states that the USA and NATO have recklessly created this situation in Ukraine and now we are in a precarious situation of John’s next iteration of Revelation – and believe me as I write this, I too am connecting the dots.

However, there is more. The next island I visited en route to Rhodes was Kos, where Hippocrates spent his life as a healer, and where the Hippocratic Oath originates from – ‘First do no harm’ – which has been embraced by doctors in the western world, until the last two years. Today a large percentage of doctors have reneged on what this very important statement conveys.

Because, when we add the Greek word ‘psyche’ to our everyday vocabulary – it means soul and the Western world (especially in science) has dispensed with this most important word because science refuses to acknowledge that soul exists.

Even in the face of hundreds of thousands of reported instances of near death and out of the body experiences science (trust the science) ignores these as being hallucinations and mutterings of mad delusional people.

Hence, having no soul means that they do not have to acknowledge God. Because our giant telescopes have not found heaven either, which to them finally means that you are not accountable for your actions; i.e. no karma. When you are dead you are dead and you are not accountable for your thoughts and actions….However, I digress.

It’s happening as we sleep

Just like rust never sleeps – nor does the World Economic Forum, flush with money at a click of a mouse – and where they diabolically work 24/7/365 to ensnare the 7.8 billion of humanity even as we sleep.

Well, not you dear reader. However, people locally and globally are rapidly waking up, but not fast enough – and Klaus knows this. He may own our Prime Minister and members of Parliament, plus our media, regional councils and big business – but he does not own us.

But he is exposed now. He and his minions have made their move with his global corporate cohort and are moving ‘rapidly’ to consolidate power, especially the Silicon Valley corporations as they ‘frantically’ upgrade and deploy ‘new’ algorithms and ‘dictionary’ systems to ‘cut us off at the pass’ – because this is a life and death situation that is upon us.

Super computers and trillions of computations per second are working 24/7 to play out scenarios, against us. Constantly testing new plots and scenarios because things are far more serious than they appear to be.

Our Prime Minister has only momentarily taken her foot off the pedal and lulled most people back to a false sense of security and our national pastime – complacency and ‘she will be right’ until when they flag the next variant/problem – it will only be taking us further down the road to communism – you can bet on that.

I use the word communism here as our planet has witnessed much of it since 1917. However, like fascism, there are additional words from technocracy to tyranny and totalitarianism – all these words conform to a state of being that essentially is a destroyer of worlds. Hence the imperative to be eternally vigilant and on guard. Freedom is one of the greatest responsibilities that we need to cherish.

Sadly, I am finding good people, friends, even within our own kind who do not want to accept this.

Remember, Christ turning the tables in the temple? Was he angry? Or did he just feel that this needs to be done and ‘lovingly’ flipped the game?

In my humble estimation many today within the movement ‘actively’ discourage the awakening because they feel that their comfort zone comes before the future of children of today and tomorrow. Yes we need time out, but a fully integrated being can do both.

True, we have to be able to integrate the darker elements of everything, yet remain in the light. That is how a light bulb works – both positive and negative currents converge in the filament – and when we hit the switch (commit) we have light.

This is in my limited estimation was how Christ short changed the money men. He did it holding the space for love.

Oh yes, Parliament and the occupation…I spent 14 days with my signs outside Parliament. The Aroha was distinctly palpable – everyone was a brother and a sister – we held the space for the collective field of Love.

Fortunately, we in this country have the unique virtue that Maori have bequeathed us – Aroha which we mindfully embodied – and we anchored it. The volunteers in their thousands were the glue that kept the ubiquitous Aroha – warm and true.

They came to Parliament from all over the nation to be of service to the greater good. I would always thank them as they served out the free food to us – that they were ‘world servers’ – that they were not service to self as were those whom we went down to engage with.

Plus the first aid Responders – always kind to the street cleaners, and those who picked up the rubbish, cleaned the toilets and made the whole area tidy and habitable. My hat off to you all. To the gifting by the NZ public of free food and water to us all. From organic honey, to prawns, avocados and fruit – the gifted goodwill from New Zealanders who could not go to the Parliamentary grounds was profound. You and the volunteers are in our hearts forever.

So why were we so impassioned to want to give so much of our life and time to call to account our elected servants in Wellington? For like their counterparts in the Five Eyes countries – they were ramming through laws and controls on people with virtually zero debate and feedback. Yet, seemingly in lockstep globally as they make statements from the same script.


Remember our Prime Minister on Facebook asking on the 26th of September 2021 for feedback about adverse reactions to the jab. Receives 23,000 replies in 24 hours. Some say there were 30,000 feedback postings.

What’s coming…

Like the world supply chains, especially from ports be it China and across the USA airlines are still throttled back. Banks are opening later and closing earlier. Small business is declining fast, while big box corporations persist.

The ubiquitous orange cones along the roads – stop start slow – stop start-programming us to obey and expect delays. Main stream media is slowly degrading itself because of their utterance of lies – plus now being forced to discuss certain issues that they have censored up until now…

Note more web news sites – are stopping their comments column – because people are waking up and exposing more critical information – thus waking up more people.

The name of the game is to come together in your local communities – and learn how to become sustainable and resilient.

Get to know your locals – (you may have to do background checks on new members) sad but true. But ‘quality’ water, organic food, transport and safe shelter are going to become even more critical as the days go by. Including telephone trees.

Murphy’s Law

The material, physical, 3D reductionists of the Deep State, Banking Corporations, Military Industrial Complex, Governments have to contend with Murphy’s Law – this is the wild card of reality.

Why it bugs the Deep State is because they do not know how to deal with karma – that ‘you reap what you sew’ – but because they are taking over the world – behind our back – without humanity being privy to their ‘nefarious’ actions – means they are going against goodwill and in essence – universal law.

Or as a Christian would say – going against God’s will. All of us born in the world are supposed to be free sovereign beings. However, the New World Order wants us all controlled and subservient to them. Where as free good hearted spiritual beings – when we have Murphy’s law affect us – it usually does not have a continuous lingering effect, because at heart we wish to remain warm free beings living and working in harmonious community.

But back at Deep State HQ. They see us as a total hindrance to their plans. Our future welfare is definitely not part of their needs. So though they have plans and have been planning this ‘takeover for a very long time – they will have bad luck far more than those with a loving heart. Thus, we do have providence on our side and may even have a little more time to get organised and come together.

Bullet Points as I am running out of time
Notice ‘Gag Orders’ are ubiquitously used across all realms of society and in Courts to censor public information, in NZ, we use Gag Orders to close down information at a drop of a hat. Is NZ the gag order capital of our planet?

What are the blood transfusion protocols today? What tests and questions are there in relation to taking blood from vaccinated people and giving to an untaxed person?

What is the situation with organ transplants from a vaxed to an unvaxed?

CENSORSHIP – The Fourth Estate – when taken to a neutral Court of Law they will have to face the fact that they have lied incessantly. Please speed this process up.

Same for the NZ Government.

Suicides. Why have our elected representatives continuously kept the statistics away from we the people? When will the truth come out and why are our compliant journalists not asking this question? Well…they would be fired from their occupation.

Where are the whistle blowers? Especially in the ambulance service and St Johns – as well as hospitals? We need you.

Where are our sports champions who consider human life above sponsorship? We need far, far more of you.


Why did we ever allow our children to be jabbed when right from the start it was stated that those at most risk from this variant from Asia were the elderly with compromised immune systems. Adults in the street with masks and children walking with them – with no masks. Aren’t we supposed to be in a pandemic?

Note the photographs of people in China falling over on their faces and their backs were used to spook the global population and it did. But, we never saw this happen in NZ, or Australia did we?

Why did the inventors of Ivermectin receive a Nobel Prize for something that was supposedly used as a horse dewormer? Have horses’ health become the reason why the Nobel Committee see this worthy of such an honour? Over 2.2 billion uses of Ivermectin for humans is a conservative estimate.

There is so much to say, but we must be aware of our spiritual inheritance and of our divine connection.

That we keep our inner candle strong and unwavering.

As a child educator in waiting – I like to tell children that we remain in our heart, be courageous, be truthful and always ask questions. That we be curious and to wonder at the magnificence that surrounds us. Because if we are encircled by this – we must be magnificent too.

Wishing you many lovely, joyful moments.

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