Ardern’s riddles and double talk continue

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By Libby, Voices for Freedom: I took one for the team. I listened with gritted teeth to our Dear Leader (and her trusty public health sidekick), telling us how they’ve “bin” working hard to create us a new framework.
We’re moving away from “elimination” ( and don’t you know that’s “served us so well”). Instead, we’re going to “eliminate while we vaccinate”.
I think two comments under the video on RNZ summed up the whole experience:
“This is so confusing.”
“She talks so long.”
Well, let’s be honest there are few other sentiments expressed that might have managed to capture my true feelings about Monday’s podium speech more accurately – but we do have standards to maintain around here.
Indeed. Details about staying outside, weeing in the garden and “agressively” vaccinating aside, today’s discussion of the new 3-step framework (with Auckland leading the way) was long-winded and bamboozling.
However, folks, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that the new approach for New Zealand is a non-science based pile of complicated rules. And, it’s also clear we can expect a mishmash of policy tried and failed in the UK and Israel, and coming soon in New South Wales.
Long story short? Before Christmas, it looks like they’ll be saying we all need vaccine passports to access our lives. Well, no, thank you.
The plan is divisive and destructive and, as we can see from international experience, it does not eliminate, reduce, or combat a “tricky virus”.
Increased Covid jabs make for more significant spikes in cases and growing numbers of jabbed people getting sick. And it gets worse. Linking injections to freedom and thereby shunning a large proportion of society leads to – well, it horrifies me where it leads.
However, all is not lost. Approximately 1.65 million Kiwis haven’t had a jab at all, and the numbers of first jabs have stalled.
And that means hundreds of thousands of us don’t buy into the increasingly preposterous Covid response. We’re made up of a diverse group which is more significant in terms of its impact on this rollout than the constant percentage call outs would have you believe.
There are people who:
1 Haven’t had a jab;
2 Have had a jab against their will and now realise they have the tools to say no to another;
3 Suffered from a jab and don’t want anymore;
4 Are happily jabbed but disagree with linking freedoms and jabs.
So what do we do?
We resist. We dig our heels in. 
We support one another. We keep standing up. We keep speaking out. We hold the line.

Think like a domino.  You don’t have to be a huge thundering domino to make change happen, just a regular domino. When regular dominos start falling and knocking other dominos, the effect is mesmerising and magnificent. You could:

  1. Say no and mean it;
  2. Get support if you have to;
  3. Grab our Employment Kit if you’re feeling pressure at work;
  4. Tell someone every day what is truly going on;
  5. Share a video (this one is fantastic);
  6. Grab our NEW Mask Mini-Kit;
  7. Stop watching T.V. and listening to the radio;
  8. Make a meal for someone who needs it;
  9. Join a local Voices for Freedom hub;
  10. Put your hand up to help your local Voices for Freedom Coordinator;
  11. Send a letter to your local M.P. and remind them they work for you;
  12. Post links to under every Social Media post you can;
  13. Join us on Freedom T.V.
  14. Register for tomorrow night’s Health and Safety Webinar;
  15. Join your industry support group and find people who are feeling like you;
  16. Share our Odysee channel including our past webinars with someone;
  17. Say to one person every day: “this is a bit crazy isn’t it?”.
  18. Say it again if you can.
  19. And again.
  20. And again. You can make a difference.

 Most of all, hang in there. This storm will pass and you are not alone. Stand up, speak out, keep hugging.

Please share this story - thanks