Ardern has broken the unwritten rules of the government’s relationship with the people

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By Michael Coles

The people’s relationship with government has changed during these past two years.

Depending on how scared you are, your personal circumstances, health, and politics, your relationship with Ardern’s government could sit somewhere between slightly bent and smashed.

If you are blissfully happy with the way things are in New Zealand today, then you can stop reading now, grab another bag of chips, a sugary drink, and continue watching Married at First Sight…

Every few years each of us can vote for someone to represent us in Parliament. And while on an individual level our MPs are often perfectly reasonable people, once they enter the Beehive they are essentially told what to do by the Party whip.

Ardern seems to have gone a few steps further by telling her rank-and-file backbenchers that they can’t talk to the media without her written permission. Yes, they need a permission slip from the school ma’am to speak.

MPs are told which way to vote and if they don’t behave, then the resignation letter they wrote and signed in the first week of taking up their seat will be pulled out the draw and “regretfully accepted”.

That aside, the function of government is to keep the good ship New Zealand on an even keel and improve the quality of life for the wider population where it can. It is, after all, always a temporary arrangement when it comes to government, with civil servants offering continuity despite ministerial interference.

As an aside, I find it odd that our Health Minister Andrew Little has had nothing to do with covid-19. Perhaps he wanted to stay well clear…

But back to that relationship we have with government. In my view when it comes to things such as health and safety then sure, improve the building code, put in place laws to protect people at work, invest in the health services, hire enough teachers, ensure schools are well resourced. Make sure we have open justice for all and hire enough people to keep communities safe. You get the picture.

What has broken my relationship with the current government is its over-reach into my life. My opportunity to earn a living, my freedom to walk into a public library without showing a pass, and my choice on what should enter my blood stream. That is my business. It is no business of Jacinda Ardern or the government’s.

I think Ardern really does see the country as a classroom and herself as the head teacher. She’s a bossy-boots with almighty power and influence – able to get inconvenient laws changed on a dime.

Unfortunately for me, she is running the country, has enabled a host of new laws that restrict our civil liberties, has harmed people with her ‘safe and effective’ covid vaccine, and pushed perfectly competent people out of their jobs and careers because they dared to so ‘no thanks’ to a medication that is still in the trial phase, and frankly barely works.

The vaccine doesn’t stop people catching covid, passing it on, or much else. The vaccine is a damp squib.

But Ardern has put her entire political capital on the vaccine working and saving us all.

But it is not Ardern’s business to save me, or you, nor anyone else. We can make our own decisions and take advice from our GP if needed. Although you can’t rely on your GP any longer. For if your GP was to talk you out of getting a shot they’d likely lose their license to trade. So even your GP is compromised by virtue of their membership of their industry body.

Who is Ardern to say that to keep your job you must be medicated? She is a here today, gone tomorrow, politician. She doesn’t care about you, she only cares about votes, power, and her next move. For a single mum, she’s doing very well for herself.

But the repercussions of her decisions on everyone in New Zealand will last for years after she has gone from these shores.

The lost careers, early retirements, family splits, vaccine injuries, lost businesses, suicides, the lost talent by virtue of people leaving our shores to live and work elsewhere…There is no end to the reverberations of Ardern’s hard line in dictating how we should think, what we should do, and forcing many people into unwanted medical procedures.

Is she cold and calculated or out of her depth? We know the covid modellers are near to useless. We know the MSM was bought and paid for, and their recent change of tune can only mean government cash has run out.

There will be an inquiry one day into what happened during 2020, 21 and 22. Everyone involved will scarper for cover, departments will be dissolved (there’s no better way to make it impossible to bring people to account when they no longer work in the places that caused the most harm).

Perhaps in 2025 a documentary or two will be produced by TV1 and Three. There will be interviews with the vax injured, a sympathetic tone from previously hard-line interviewers, and sentimental music. There won’t be a dry eye in the house. It will all be a part of the country’s healing process.

But the buck stops with Ardern when it comes to her law changes, vax passports, mandated vaccinations, and a fractured nation.

As I write this I hear the Traffic Light system will be retained for the 2022 flu season. More than 500 people die of the flu every year, yet we have never been locked down for it previously. People who feel unwell normally stay home for a few days…

My pick…If Ardern was to release all restrictions now then there is no way she would be allowed to reintroduce them later – say for the introduction of a new ID scheme. So she has to keep restriction in place (until you say differently).

I can forgive my brothers and sisters, hoodwinked by non-stop scare-mongering propaganda developed by top marketing firms who will have been paid very well with taxpayer cash. I won’t ever forgive Ardern nor her complicit MPs – any one of which could have crossed the floor of the House and helped put an end to this tyrant’s term of office.

Meanwhile freedom campaigners continue to sit tight at Parliament and elsewhere. More power to them.

PS: Moderna has seen its share price drop from US$411 six months ago to $144 today (23 Feb 2022), and Pfizer is also coming off its high of last year, dropping from US$61 a share in December to $48 today (23 Feb 2022). Perhaps their dream run on the back of covid has come to an end (but don’t worry, they are working on a vax that lasts 10 years, the same duration as an NZ passport). Just saying.

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