Ardern chooses China and leads us into a communist regime

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Due to copyright restrictions The Buzz can only feature a clip of Kiwi Trevor Loudon’s Counter Punch report where he alleges the communist infiltration of New Zealand Labour and Green Parties.

To see the full 16 minute presentation you will need to sign up for a free account at The Epoch Times. All it takes is an email address.

In the full video, Loudon steps through the political history of Ardern, Grant Robertson and others and says few Kiwis understand that Ardern is a “radical leftist intent on steering her country into the arms of communist China”.

Loudon made the video in May 2021 – and while many Kiwis are now waking up as their rights are being taken away under the guise of a killer pandemic – too many live in fear of a virus that Jacinda Ardern says can hunt out the unvaccinated and nip into homes when the front door is opened.

And while most people are shaking in their boots, Ardern’s government is tightening its grip on our daily lives – and the trouble is, too many appear to be grateful.

The Americans saw it coming and has essentially sidelined New Zealand when it comes to the Five Eyes Network. And whatever you might think about a country sharing intelligence information, the fact that partners of the network – the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US – don’t fully trust us any more is chilling.

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