Ardern and your representative played hooky to avoid protesters in Wellington

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By Michael Coles

Reporting on the thousands of people protesting government lockdowns and covid mandates during the evening ‘news’ on Thursday 16 December 2021 there were comments that nobody was inside the Beehive as MPs had left the house for the summer recess on Wednesday 15.

The implication being that protesters, who stood in the rain to give speeches against a backdrop of masked police officers, were wasting their time and had missed the boat.

What TV news didn’t say is that Thursday 16 December, the day of the protest, was set down as a normal ‘sitting’ day for parliament – but for some reason MPs had skipped off at the close of business on the 15th.

We can confirm this by citing this link to the Parliamentary website here. And you can download the 2021 PDF calendar detailing the sitting dates for the whole of 2021 here. For future reference, here are the 2022 dates.

It appears that Ardern and MPs from all political parties slunk off rather than face the chants of thousands of people unhappy with the way the country is being run.

And while uniformed police guarded the Beehive from people who merely wanted to make their feelings known, among the crowd were off-duty officers who are also unhappy at vaccine mandates to keep their job. Many are giving up and leaving their careers.

TV ‘news’ reports also called protesters terrorists and used footage from US riots to illustrate the point. More slight-of-hand miss-reporting.

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