Anti-vaxxers to be shipped to Stewart Island compound

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A scuffle broke out at a city shopping mall this morning after the manager of a bookshop refused to let an unvaccinated mum of two into his store.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, was walking away from the shop when the store manager took photos of the woman and her children saying he would load them onto a website.

The mum, who says she was looking to buy the book Never Again by Martin Gilbert says the store owner shouted “for all to hear” that she should be wearing the red circle, a government-proposed icon for anti-vaxxers.

It was then, says the woman, that a crowd of other shoppers started circling her and her children pointing fingers and chanting vax, vax, vax, vax….

The woman’s experience is one that is becoming increasingly common as the Ministry of Wellness starts its final push to coerce people to be vaccinated ahead of making it compulsory for the whole population.

Despite anecdotal evidence of some people reacting badly to covid vaccines, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Wellness insists no direct link has been established by the government’s chief science officer between the vaccines and alleged medical injuries.

Also over the weekend pro-vaccination mobs in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, attacked people for not being vaccinated. Some families claim they were followed home and their windows smashed with bricks and large red-coloured stickers placed on their front doors.

The number of billboards, posters, and people wearing T-Shirts with the slogan “we’re not safe until we’re all safe” has also been on the increase thanks to a string of Ministry of Wellness roadshows that took place last week to promote the covid vaccines.

Criticism of the $5 million cost of the roadshows and give-aways, which included CD versions and free downloads of the hit single Love The Government, Love The Vax has been put to rest after the prime minister revealed a pharmaceutical company footed the bill.

Elsewhere, the chief science officer is said to be in talks with the residents of Stewart Island amid speculation hardline anti-vaxxers will be rounded up and shipped to the South Island. Stewart Islanders say there has been lots of rushed building work going on, much of it unconsented.

“Local builders have been hard at work building huts,” says one local. “The work has been welcomed as there’s been slim pickings since the 2022 economic crash. No-one here is moaning about building dozens of huts. They are grateful for the work. They are also erecting high fences around the compound.”

A website has also been launched by the pro-vax movement called CovidScum, naming and shaming – with photos – those who have refused the vaccine. However, the prime minister doesn’t support the site saying unvaccinated people need help to understand the errors of their ways.

The idea of moving unvaccinated people to the island has won wide support and bolstered the popularity of the government, which is looking forward to being re-elected at the next General Election.

Meanwhile, an un-nammed government spokesperson says further measures may also be taken against those who continue to refuse the safe covid vaccine.

On the table are measures such as:

  • No right to vote in local or national elections
  • No right to join a union
  • Unvaccinnated children will not be able to attend private or public schools
  • Higher tax rates to cover increased health costs
  • Limitations on visits to doctors and other healthcare providers
  • ACC cover will be withdrawn
  • No unemployment benefits
  • Higher fees to use credit cards
  • No access to the internet
  • Travel restrictions, such as not being able to leave the country without a warrant signed by the Health Minister

A spokesperson for anti-covid vaccine movement – NoVax – claims the attacks on the so-called ‘refuseniks’ is unwarranted.

“The government’s pro-vaccination campaign is not about health or being safe any more,” says the spokesperson. “It is political.

“The government has overstepped the mark and people who simply prefer to let their immune systems protect them are being victimised.”

However, the chief science officer says unvaccinated people are spreading germs and diseases that risk other people’s health.

“Unvaccinated people are a risk to themselves and others,” they said. “Even those who have been vaccinated and had their booster shots.”

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