Aussie truckies protest at forced covid jab threat – public warned to save food

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From the Cairns News: Adverts announcing border, highway, and port blockades by truckies in Australia starting Tuesday (August 31) have started appearing online.

Truckies in Australia will be joined by Vietnam veteran bikers, Pauline Hanson, and anyone else who has had enough of the destruction of Australia by covid dictators.

The action is controversial to say the least, and the truckies have warned Australians to stock up on supplies. Some are prepared to go to jail if that’s what it takes to get the entire crooked cabal of premiers, health ministers, chief health officers and others right up to the PM to listen to common sense and stop the lunacy.

The adverts follow a series of video clips made by drivers across Australia. The language is not pretty, but their motivation is clear: They’ve had enough of the rampant government bullying and threats of forced vaccination merely to cross a border in addition to endless restrictions on movement and trade imposed by state governments operating under the delusion of being able to “stop the virus”.

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New Zealand transport unions distance themselves from industrial action rumours.

Australian media report from 9 News.

Naughty language in the video – put your ear muffs on!

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