ACC payouts to those injured by Pfizer vaccine

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The following table shows the number of ACC accepted claims grouped by the total payments made per claim to 16 October 2021. ACC has so far refused to state the maximum amount paid, as ‘over $5,000’ in the table below could mean anything.

ACC and others use the overall cost of a treatment injury claim as an indicator of the severity of the injury because more costly claims are likely to indicate claims where there has been a more severe impact on the person injured. While not always directly related, overall cost is one measure of severity and impact.

The treatment injury data provided below was extracted on 20 September 2021 and includes claims lodged between 19 February 2021 and 7 August 2021.

Of the 201 Treatment Injury claims received by ACC for Covid Vaccination injuries up to 7 August 2021, 89 had been accepted, 65 had been declined and 47 were still pending a decision.

Table 1 – Primary Injury for Accepted Covid Vaccination Treatment Injuries Received by 7 August 2021

Primary InjuryNumber of Accepted Claims
Allergic Reaction39
Adverse Drug Reaction13
Anaphylactic Reaction12
Wound Infection5
Other Infections including Cellulitis5
Other Injuries11

‘Other injuries’ included injuries where fewer than four injuries were recorded in total, for example nerve damage and cardiac injuries.

54 of the 65 declined claims were declined because there was no physical injury.  This included 13 claims for allergic reactions and 7 claims for adverse drug reactions.  7 claims for acute pain were also declined.

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