A Kiwi doctor explains why they won’t get the covid vaccine

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Ed’s note: Please pay attention to point 21.

A Kiwi doctor writes…Why I am not getting the Pfizer Covid-19 injection yet…

If these points can be clarified and clear evidence of my misunderstanding shown to me, I will certainly reconsider my current decision.

1. The Pfizer vaccine has a temporal association with at least 103* sudden unexpected deaths in NZ reported to CARM/ Medsafe. This is 49 more than all the childhood vaccines available in NZ cumulatively over the past 18 years. This is a huge signal of harm. Another 100 plus deaths are on a citizens database which are being confirmed by doctors before being notified to CARM. Well over 1,000 injuries have been recorded, 50% of which are serious and some permanent. No one is taking any notice. These numbers are increasing daily and may already be an undercount. (*Ed’s note, this figure is now 117).

2. In Europe, the USA, the UK and Canada, the 4 big vaccines have a relationship to some 250,000 deaths and >3 million injuries, 50% of these are also thought to be permanent.) Court presented legal Cease and Desist orders for the vaccine roll outs have been ignored in several countries including New Zealand. In England the Evidence Based Medicine Consortium which advises the NHS and WHO have said “these injections are not safe for human use.” No official bodies are taking any notice.

3. An analysis of the European data base of adverse events from the covid19 vaccine and the population/covid cases/covid deaths data shows that the risk of dying or having serious symptoms from Covid 19 disease is 1.4%. The risk of dying or having a serious reaction from the vaccine is 3.8%. Another report indicates that to save 1 Covid19 death in older people we must accept 5 covid vaccine deaths. This is not acceptable to me. For children we must accept 115 post vaccine deaths to prevent 1 covid19 death, to think this is right this is beyond all understanding.

4. I have a 98.99% chance of surviving Covid 19 disease without treatment, (age and health based): with treatment it will likely be closer to 100% and I can prevent myself transmitting it to others by reducing my viral load and disease severity with simple cheap methods. (Some available from a local supermarket for about NZ$24.00. Early use of 1% povidone iodine gargle, Betadine, and the solution used as nasal drops/spray in a randomised controlled trial reduced hospitalisation by 84% and mortality by 88%)

5. The injection is a gene therapy medicinal product, and the Pfizer-BioNtech injection has not yet been approved or licensed by the FDA, (although the bio-identical Comirnaty has) and thus is technically experimental. Although we have been told it is 95% effective, that was the Relative Risk Reduction, the Absolute (real world) Risk Reduction was 0.84%. As it neither completely protects against getting the disease or from transmitting it, but in the trials was only required to show a reduction in mild to moderate symptoms, it is technically a treatment, not a vaccine. I don’t feel I need a treatment for a disease I may not get and can easily treat.

6. The safety, efficacy, mutagenicity, and fertility study should not finish until May 2023, the efficiency study should have finished in July 2023. Anthony Fauci stopped the trials at 6 months, and the control group was injected. As there will never now be any official control group, I consider myself happy to volunteer to be a control subject. No long-term side effects or adverse events can possibly be known at this time.

7. The fact that the the all-cause mortality in the trial was 30 % higher in the vaccinated group versus the matched control group does not fill me with confidence but indicates perhaps a problem with the vaccine.

8. The genome for the mRNA used in the vaccine is 100% “in silico”, that is made up on a computer. The genome and thus the mRNA in the injection is 100% synthetic. No one in the world appears to hold a purified isolate of the SARS CoV2 virus.

9. mRNA in the blood stream would normally be rapidly destroyed and does not easily get into the cells.

To get it into the cells the mRNA has been altered and instead of Uridine in the genome base pair Pfizer have used a synthetic Uridyl molecule. It appears that this has radically altered how the mRNA works and has given it the ability to turn off Toll receptors 3,4, and 7. Toll receptor 4, TLR4, is one of our tumour suppressor agents and turning it off appears to be leading to the recurrence of cancers otherwise in remission, and in the appearance of aggressive, dense and unusual tumours, including deep melanomas and uterine cancers. The switching off of the other Toll receptors also appears to seriously compromise the innate immune system such that old latent viruses can reappear, such as herpes simplex, Zoster, HPV, (one pathologist in the US has already noticed an increase in abnormal Cervical smear tests) and even rabies. 50% of vaccinees have a lymphopenia (reduced white cell count) for up to 2 weeks post injection, leaving them vulnerable.

10. We now know that DNA repair proteins BRCA1 and 53BP1 are impeded by the injection, thus adding to the immune suppression and possible cancer-causing effect. A recent study has shown that after 9 months, in 40-79 yr olds one’s innate immune system is 45% reduced, and one is less able to fight off regular infections and may indeed demonstrate features of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. Also, after 120 days there is no protection from the Pfizer injection for infection or transmission and some specialists are saying immunity has hugely diminshed after 90 days.

In Israel they are now using an HIV drug to try and help those doubly vaccinated people who are critically ill with what is being called VAIDS, Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

11. The mRNA is also protected by lipid nanoparticles which can themselves be toxic and can not only cross, but open the blood brain barrier, thus allowing other circulating toxins, (eg, Glyphosate, fluoride) viruses, and microbials into the central nervous system.

12. The mRNA is designed to make your cells produce spike protein. This has proved to be a pathogenic, (disease producing) protein causing extensive vascular, endothelial and organ damage, leading to heart attacks, strokes, bleeding and clotting, renal failure, severe neurological disorders and sudden permanent blindness and deafness, among other conditions.

13. The spike protein was supposed to be engineered to be membrane stable and attach to the muscle cells in the upper arm. Sadly, this wasn’t tested, and it is clear from biodistribution studies and adverse events that the spike protein circulates around the body.

14. The spike protein contains 26 epitopes, matching peptide sequences, with human tissues, thus potentially causing antibodies to these tissues to be made leading to auto immune disease.

15. The spike protein contains a prion, and this could get into the brain and cause prion diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease. (Like mad cow disease) Indeed two people in the USA have died of C-J disease within months of their second Pfizer injection, and one has been classified as vaccine caused. This adverse event was not expected to be seen for 12-18 months post injection.

16. Recent cardiac studies have shown that mRNA vaccines dramatically increase endothelial inflammatory markers and T cell infiltration of the cardiac muscle and may account for observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and other vascular events.

17. SARS-Co-V2 reverse transcribes into the human DNA and has been found in all but three human chromosomes, all except 8,16 and 20. The sex chromosomes are pair number 23. The virus may thus possibly be found in human germ cell lines with unknown consequences.

18. No corona virus vaccine has been able to be made in the past as ADE, or Pathogenic Priming has occurred, and most of the animals in the trials have died.

ADE is antibody dependant enhancement or disease enhancement, and happens when after getting a good antibody response the body, when exposed to the wild virus again, or perhaps another booster, produces a vast and unexpected paradoxical response and massive inflammatory cytokine storm often leading to severe illness or death. This phenomenon occurred with the dengue vaccine and several children died or became very ill. It appears that his is happening in the countries with highest vaccination rates like Israel where 85-90% of ICU patients are now doubly vaccinated. In the UK, more than 80% of the Covid19 deaths are now in doubly vaccinated people.

19. The current Pfizer injection uses the spike protein of the original (synthetic genome ) Wuhan strain of the virus. The antibodies produced thus have reduced recognition of the new variants, alpha, beta, delta, and the newer variants, lambda and mu seem to be bypassing the ancestral antibodies altogether, and even the immunity offered by a previous covid infection. With Omicron it appears to be even better at evading vaccine induced antibodies which are very specific to the ancestral strain of the virus. A “leaky” vaccine gives all the risk and little benefit.

20. The Pfizer vaccine also contains PEG, polyethylene glycol, a substance closely related to antifreeze. (It is the liquid being used to lubricate the giant log in the Kauri Museum!) PEG is commonly found in foods and cosmetics etc and causes anti-PEG antibodies to be formed in some people. When these people get the vaccine, the PEG antibodies can cause the anaphylactic and allergic reactions not uncommonly witnessed. The majority of Covid 19 vaccine ACC pay-outs, currently at more than $130,000, have been for allergic responses. ACC seems reluctant to cover other adverse events and your health insurance company will not cover you as they say ACC will. Southern Cross say they will pay out for deaths.

21. The Children’s vaccine has a new ingredient, Trimethomine, a cardiac drug used after cardiac surgery and heart attacks. Pfizer says it is there to increase the “out of the freezer” shelf life, but it seems it might be useful to mask/reduce the expected cardiac events.

22. In order for the vaccine to work effectively it has been shown that adequate iron and haemoglobin levels are needed, and a healthy microbiome must be present because of the gut-lung microbiome axis, and the inflammatory cytokines produced causing gastrointestinal issues as seen in the disease. So, I would want to check these and that I do not have PEG antibodies before having the vaccine.

23. Random Pfizer vials of the injection material have been analysed under advanced spectroscopy and Xray analysis and appear variably to contain.

a) Graphene Oxide, a substance that becomes magnetised in the presence of hydrogen and under electromagnetic fields, this is thought to be the cause of the magnetic effect seen in some people. Magnetofection is a concern. More than 20 cases have been confirmed in NZ.

b) Trypanosoma Cruzi, the causative agent of Chagas Disease.

c) Heavy metals, and possibly SPRIONS, supra paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, contributing to the above magnetic issues.

d) Other yet to be identified particles, possibly see (f)

e) ? living, certainly moving agents, with tentacles or filaments, of completely unknown origin.

f) ? Nano-graphene circuits of unknown purpose.

24. I understand that hundreds of millions of doses of these vaccines have been given globally, and many people have had no problems at all. However in New Zealand we have no evidence that people are getting good levels of neutralising and sterilising antibodies, because the Government has no testing in place and no plans for random checking of sero-conversion.(OIA information). It also appears increasingly certain that Pfizer vaccine antibodies reduce dramatically after 5-7 months, and a booster may be advised with a repeat of all the above risks, especially ADE.

I clearly have some significant concerns about this injection, and I would very much like to be wrong; so, I await clarification of each the above details in case I have been “misinformed” and will be happy to proceed once I am reassured.

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