A day at the beach shows how scared people have become

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By David Kelly

A warm and sunny Sunday saw us visit our local beach. It was packed to the gunnels with cars and finding a spot to park wasn’t easy. But after a few tours of the parking area we squeezed into an area under the shade of a tree. Wenderholm Park (pictured) is a lovely location.

Strolling from the car heading to one end of the beach along a track on the grass area we passed dozens of families looking forward to a day out. Kids with snorkels, dads with kayaks, mums carrying bags of food and water – the atmosphere was light, the sky blue, and the air clean and fresh. It was almost like 2019.

But what’s this? Kids as young as seven wearing face masks! Mums and dads sporting tight-fitting masks? Black masks that attract the heat! At the beach?

I looked at some of the adults and shook my head in their direction with disbelief at their stupidity. My wife nudged me to stop.

“They are not stupid,” she whispered. “They are scared.”

It’s true. I see some people as over-reacting and silly. But in truth, anyone who wears a face mask to the beach, and any parent who puts a mask on their children to play in the sand, must be scared. They have been scared by almost two years of TV news telling them of covid case numbers and covid deaths.

They clearly haven’t read the reports that viruses can enter via the eyes and that face masks are pointless and offer zero protection from viruses that are so tiny 50 million of them can be found in a teaspoon of seawater.

These poor people live in a world of ‘what if’. And it’s all down to our government and all the MPs who stand with Ardern in supporting the recommendation that people wear masks – inside shops and on fun days out.

People, I think, believe every covid case is a potential covid death. While in fact, most people deemed to be a covid case don’t even know they have the virus.

Out of 5 million Kiwis, around 11,000 are claimed to have been covid positive via a questionable PCR test. Just over 40 people have died ‘with’ covid. Mainly elderly people who were already very sick.

The honest way to calculate the impact of covid on a population is by years lost. For example, if lots of people in their 20s were dying that would be a real concern. But people in their 70s and 80s who are already very sick is another matter. Yes I know, this view can be seen as cold and uncaring, but ‘years lost’ is how the medical community normally look at issues such as covid.

It’s worth pointing out here that in 1918 around 8,000 Kiwis died of the flu when the population was just 1.15 million. By 1919, without global media, the pandemic was all over. And one would have to concede that without TV news and government-funded media, it would all be over here too.

As I said to a friend early in 2020, I have never known a government to be so concerned for the health and wellbeing of its citizens that it would lock healthy people down and – later – introduce compulsory medication (ignoring fluoride for a moment).

As published by The Buzz some months back, the pandemic in NZ will end when its people say ‘enough is enough’. But that’s hard with so many people living in fear, hanging on to every word of Ardern, Hipkins, and Bloomfield. I stopped watching the evening news six months ago – and feel a lot happier as a result.

After two hours watching the world go by at the beach my partner and I headed back to the car park. I saw a teenager or 20-something walking by wearing a mask and I blurted out “there’s no need to wear that mate”. My partner nudged me again “leave him alone, he’s scared”.

When people stop living in fear they will get their lives back. Don’t live on your knees.

Meanwhile, I hear the government will soon insist a vax certificate is needed to get or renew a driving licence. And in 2022 will start knocking on the doors of the unvaxxed. I can’t wait for someone to turn up at my front door.

And for those getting ready to do a spit test to see if they are free of covid, be aware that your data may well be passed on to the government to help it ID the unvaxxed community. Just a theory, but worth sharing I think.

Finally, I hear many more people than expected will be at Ardern’s wedding. Prepare to see a ring of steel around the wedding location and for travel restrictions to be introduced days after Ardern says ” I do” to Mr Gayford. No doubt their nanny will be close by, with child in tow.

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