60 deaths reported to Medsafe following Pfizer vaccination

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This week Medsafe reported there have been 54,000 adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine, 2,352 non-serious adverse reactions, 63 serious reactions, and 60 people have died after being vaccinated against covid-19.

Medsafe states:

  • 27 of these deaths are unlikely related to the covid-19 vaccine
  • 10 deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information
  • 22 cases are still under investigation.
  • 1 death was likely due to vaccine induced myocarditis (awaiting Coroner’s determination)

Based on the figures above, we can assume at least 34 deaths have a question mark over them. We also need to understand how Medsafe concludes that 27 deaths are “unlikely related” to the covid-19 vaccine.

The Medsafe report says: “Any possibility of a causal link is investigated as part of our routine investigations and no new safety concerns with the Comirnaty vaccine were raised by these reports.

“Sadly, one of these reports of death was for a 17-year-old consumer. The covid-19 Vaccine Independent Safety Monitoring Board (CV-ISMB) have reviewed the death, which occurred after their first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

“It was the opinion of the Board, with the current information available to it, that the cause of death was unlikely related to the administration of the vaccine.

“The Board noted that expert haematology advice has been sought regarding other factors potentially involved and a report had been made to CARM regarding another ‘suspect medicine’ (ie, possible cause) which would be considered by the Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee (MARC) in due course.”

According to a spreadsheet* issued by Medsafe, the total of all adverse reactions to 11 September is 54,508 (some people can experience more than one adverse reaction).

Mortalities by age group up to and including 11 September 2021 reported to CARM

10 – 29 years1
30 – 59 years8
60 – 79 years27
80+ years24
Source: Medsafe

Medsafe says its analysis show that the number of deaths recorded in the mortality register for people vaccinated with the Comirnaty vaccine is lower than expected based on the average number of deaths in previous years over the same number of days (natural death rate).

However, since 1965, the average number of people who have died following any vaccination is around 2 to 3 people per year. Our report is here.

Medsafe says: “We are monitoring people for 21 days after vaccination. This monitoring period was chosen because people can receive their second dose a minimum of 21 days after the first dose. Additionally, of the deaths currently reported to CARM, the longest time period between vaccination and reported date of death was within 21 days. Age-specific natural (expected) death rates were obtained for the period 2008–2019.”

See our story about CARM here.

*To obtain the Medsafe spreadsheet click this LINK, scroll to bottom of the page and download the XLSM document. A new one is released every Wednesday afternoon.

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