Get $50,000 if you’re injured or die because of a covid jab

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In Australia insurance firms Zurich Life and OnePath Life will pay their customers more if they are injured by a covid-19 vaccine.

They say that should any Zurich or OnePath Life insured customer suffer a serious side effect from a covid-19 vaccination they will get an additional cash payout.

The companies say the insured person (or their beneficiaries) will be eligible for an additional payment of up to AU$50,000 on top of their death or total & permanent disability benefit should they die or be permanently disabled because of the vaccine.

The additional cover will be provided at no extra cost across Zurich and OnePath’s policies. Death or disability arising from covid-19 infection is already covered within Zurich and OnePath Life policies.

Dr Sally Phillips of Zurich LiveWell, says: “Our intention is to provide extra peace-of-mind for Australians as they weigh up the benefits and risks of having the covid-19 vaccine.

“While medical evidence indicates the likelihood of vaccine complications is extremely low, we understand that some people are concerned about the risk of a serious adverse reaction.”

Original press release here.

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