16 Kiwis dead within a week of being vaccinated against covid-19

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Medsafe has admitted that the 16 people known to have died following a covid-19 jab in New Zealand were dead within 7 days of receiving a dose. Still, Medsafe says only two of the 16 deaths are “under investigation”.

In an Official Information Response, Medsafe’s group manager Chris James says: “Of the reports received by Medsafe, all deaths occurred within a week of the most recent dose.

“Every event reported to CARM will be reviewed and any identified safety concerns will be publicly communicated as soon as possible, and appropriate action taken,” says James.

However, according to official figures from CARM, between 1 January 2000 (correct: the year 2000) and 30 June 2019, 48 people died following a vaccination. That works out at two to three deaths a year from all the ‘normal’ vaccinations given to children and adults.

James says: “It is important to note that as more than 30,000 people die in New Zealand every year, it is expected that some deaths will be reported after vaccination or use of any medicine. Similar reports are recorded during the influenza vaccination programme.

“As the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine is approved for use in New Zealand for people 12 years and older, the Ministry expects to continue to see coincidental events, including deaths, following vaccination.”

(Perhaps some of the deaths said to have been caused by a covid-19 infection were also coincidental…)

James says the 16 cases of New Zealanders dying have been reviewed and “no safety concerns relating to the vaccination have been identified”. Even though the 16 deaths are well in excess of the established annual death rate following vaccination.

What is worth considering is that while James is correct that 30,000 people die every year, it is the deaths of 26 elderly people that have disrupted New Zealand’s economy and led to the rushed vaccination of people.

There’s no official evidence that any or all 16 people died as a direct result of being injected with the Pfizer jab.

What Medsafe says (without explanation) with regard vaccine fatalities:

  • 12 of these deaths are unlikely related to the COVID-19 vaccine
  • 2 deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information
  • 2 cases are still under investigation.
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